Mitigating Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs)


The SOB task force monitors the activities of Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) to assure they do not negatively affect sustainable growth and the attractive, accessible and safe business environment of the Stemmons Corridor.

SCBA holds a long history of working with VICE enforcement and state legislators to mitigate the growth of sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) in the Corridor. This task force addresses not only businesses operating with an SOB license but any businesses that are considered to be negative use such as massage parlors, saunas, bath houses and nightclubs. SCBA member Tim Slaughter leads the SOB Task Force and is actively seeking committee members who are interested in joining in this initiative.  We are currently in the process of planning a bus tour with local authorities to gain a better understanding of the illegal SOBs that are operating in the Corridor.

Important Links:

Map of Licensed SOBs in the Stemmons Corridor

City of Dallas SOB Ordinances

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