Safety & Prevention

BMV offense captured on Video-DPD reminding the public to Lock, Take, and Hide

Friday June 4, 2010 10:46 AM CDT

Burglary of Motor Vehicles makes up 26% of all crime in Dallas, making it the highest committed crime in our city. Although we are pleased that BMV's are down by 8.8% from last year, we are striving to improve.

In most cases, a thief can break into a vehicle; take property, and be gone within seconds. That makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement personnel to catch criminals in the act.

Therefore, the Dallas Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in helping us prevent this type of crime from occurring in our city.


Lock your car when you leave it anywhere- your driveway, the grocery store or even a gated parking lot can be compromised by a thief. Take your property with you when you leave.

Car burglars window shop looking for easy opportunities. And finally, Hide the property you can't take with you- the trunk, glove box, or even under your car seat can be great places to store anything of value so it can't be easily seen by passersby.

Please take a look at this you tube video of an actual crime committed in Dallas recently. Fortunately, this suspect was arrested shortly after he committed this crime. It clearly shows that it takes a few seconds to become a victim. Partner with the Dallas Police Department to help us fight crime.

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