Public Safety

SCBA has made public safety one of its top priorities. We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with the Dallas Police Department (DPD). The DPD is divided into 7 patrol divisions. The Northwest Division covers a majority of the Stemmons Corridor. Through collaborative efforts with Northwest, SCBA has identified specific crime trends as well as problem areas that are affected by the most prevalent crimes. SCBA has been involved in several initiatives to address crime in the Corridor. Examples include:

Burglary to Motor Vehicles (BMV)

  • Worked collaboratively with State Representative, Rafael Anchia, to help pass legislation that upgraded the penalty of BMVs to a state jail felony on the 3rd offense thereby addressing the recidivism rate with this type of offense.
  • Worked collaboratively with DPD and area businesses to market the Take, Lock and Hide campaign.
  • Both SCBA Chairman and DPD liaison met individually with businesses that have been victim to excessive BMVs and helped formulate a stategic plan to help reduce crime on their property.

Auto Theft

In the past, SCBA has donated money to DPD to purchase bait car technology. This technology enables DPD to plant bait cars in problem areas, be alerted once they are stolen and allows DPD to track the car via GPS technology as well as remotely shut down the vehicle and apprehend the suspect.

Business Burglaries

  • SCBA supported an ordinace which repeals verified response thus eliminating the need for property owners to respond to an alarm and verify a burglary is in progress prior to DPD responding
  • SCBA supported a city ordinance which now requires scrap metal shops to photograph the seller, their vehicle, and the metal they are selling. Metal shops must also record images of sellers' government-issued ID card and take a thumbprint impression. Sellers are also required to provide recyclers with documentation evidencing that the seller is the legal owner, or is entitled to sell, the regulated metal property.

Public Safety Meetings

SCBA hosts public safety meetings to give our members an opportunity to interact with and get to know DPD leadership and other key individuals. 

Crime Statistics

SCBA monitors crime stats and trends on a monthly basis to identify problem areas and works with DPD to address those areas.