Sandy Owens

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Sandra Owens
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Treasurer | Carlisle Interests, Inc. | 214-420-5569
Staff Bio: 
Sandra Owens is the Senior Vice President of Carlisle Interests, Inc. a real estate development firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Carlisle manages over sixty properties owned by Prescott Interests, Ltd, and/or its affiliates and it focuses on retail and office/showroom/warehouse developments. Ms. Owens manages new developments and the remodel of existing or newly acquired properties. In addition to development, she also handles the closings of all purchases, sales and loans and oversees the management of the properties. Ms. Owens began her real estate career in 1983 working for Carlisle Property Company (n/k/a Carlisle Interests, Inc.) She left Carlisle in 1989 to pursue other opportunities, including disposition of assets for the RTC with JE Robert Companies and management of assets for independent investors. In 1994 Ms. Owens started Grace Realty Corporation, which specialized in the sale of Multi-Family properties. At the same time, she did asset evaluation contract work for CS First Boston and loan management for Carlisle Interests, Inc. She returned to Carlisle Interests, Inc. full time in 2003 and continues her career there to date. Ms. Owens has a Master of Business Administration from SMU and a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin. In addition to acting as a Board member for SCBA, Ms. Owens volunteers for CASA to help children who have been removed from their homes. Ms. Owens is a single parent of a 22 year-old daughter who now lives in New York. She has lived in Dallas since 1981. Prior to living in Dallas, she lived in numerous cities throughout the United States and other countries.
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