Street & Infrastructure


Identify additional street improvements within the Stemmons Corridor to be included in the next City of Dallas Bond Program and lobby to enhance infrastructure.


In 2001, SCBA Board of Directors, under the leadership of then Chairman Robert Todd, created its first ever Infrastructure Needs Assessment, calling attention to the dilapidated condition of streets in the Stemmons Corridor. Board Members divided the Corridor into quadrants, surveyed each and every street, and within two months, came up with a detailed report of the state of the streets in the Corridor. Fortunately, the results of the study were taken seriously by the City of Dallas, because included in the 2003 Bond Program were all of the SCBA recommended street improvements, totaling more than $31,000,000, as the City's share of the costs. This unlocked many millions more of state and federal funds as several of the streets and thoroughfares included in the needs assessment qualified for what is called intergovernmental projects. In 2006, SCBA members saw a tremendous amount of construction throughout the Stemmons Corridor, as the work called for in the 2003 Bond Program included improvements and repairs on Denton Drive, Continental, Empire Central, and many streets in the Brook Hollow Industrial District.

The City of Dallas launched a new website in 2018 which allows citizens to track the progress of approved Bond projects. Click here to visit the City of Dallas Bond website.