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The Stemmons Corridor Business Association is more than just a non-profit organization; it's a dynamic community of businesses dedicated to driving growth and prosperity in the heart of Dallas. Our mission is clear: to promote and support the mutual business interests of our members through unified advocacy. By working together, we aim to create a sustainable economic environment that's not only attractive and accessible but also safe for all. Join us as we pave the way for a thriving business landscape in the Stemmons Corridor!




The genesis of the Association dates back to late 1981, when a small group of about 18 business owners and representatives convened to establish a collective aimed at enhancing and beautifying the local neighborhood.

Initial financial support, including a generous pledge from Dick Hollingsworth of Trammel Crow, contributions from John Stemmons, Sr. and area hotels, kickstarted the Neighborhood Improvement Group's plans. Mr. Stemmons proposed the formation of a committee to assess the area and propose goals for the group, with Bob Burns elected as its first chairman.

This initiative led to the official formation of the Market Center Business and Professional Association on December 13, 1982. Many of the early goals set by this founding group continue to guide the Stemmons Corridor Business Association today.

Early priorities included a master plan for improving streets, underpasses, parks, storm drainage, and parking facilities. Additional goals focused on landscaping, legislative efforts for freeway air rights, and aesthetic enhancements like decorative lighting.



SCBA is an organized voice and active liaison between the Stemmons Corridor business community, city officials and community leaders. We connect members with the right City officials when doing business with the City of Dallas and facilitate connections with prospective clients through networking opportunities.






Michael Schneider


Hanes Chatham Jr.

Vice Chairman

Gabriela Gilmore

Executive Director

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