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Street & Infrastructure

SCBA is dedicated to enhancing the infrastructure and streetscape of the Stemmons Corridor. Our partnership with the City of Dallas is instrumental in this endeavor. Through our joint efforts, we've identified key trends and issues affecting the Corridor's streets and infrastructure. SCBA is actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at revitalizing and enhancing the Corridor's urban fabric.


Initiative History

In 2001, under the leadership of Chairman Robert Todd, the SCBA Board of Directors initiated its inaugural Infrastructure Needs Assessment, highlighting the deteriorating state of streets in the Stemmons Corridor. The Board meticulously divided the Corridor into quadrants, conducted thorough surveys of each street, and within two months, compiled a comprehensive report on their conditions.

The City of Dallas took the findings seriously, incorporating all of SCBA's recommended street improvements, totaling over $31,000,000, into the 2003 Bond Program. This allocation unlocked additional state and federal funds, as several streets and thoroughfares identified in the assessment qualified for intergovernmental projects.

By 2006, SCBA members witnessed significant construction activity throughout the Stemmons Corridor, as the 2003 Bond Program's projects included enhancements and repairs on Denton Drive, Continental, Empire Central, and numerous streets in the Brook Hollow Industrial District.

In 2018, the City of Dallas launched a new website enabling citizens to monitor the progress of approved Bond projects.

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