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Mitigating Sexually Oriented Businesses

SCBA is dedicated to mitigating sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) in the Stemmons Corridor due to the negative impact they can have on the community. SOBs can contribute to increased crime rates, decrease property values, and create an unwelcoming environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. By working to reduce the presence of SOBs, SCBA aims to enhance the overall quality of life in the Stemmons Corridor and promote a safer, more vibrant community for all.


Initiative Background

From 2019 through 2021, 32% of violent crime offenses reported from the hours of 10PM to 2AM in the City of Dallas occurred within a 500 foot radius of a Sexually Oriented Business. Furthermore 66% of violent frime offenses reported from the hours of 2AM to 6AM occurred within a 500 foot radius of a Sexually Oriented Business.

The SOB task force monitors the activities of Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOBs) to ensure they do not negatively affect sustainable growth and the attractive, accessible and safe business environment of the Stemmons Corridor.

SCBA holds a long history of working with VICE enforcement and state legislators to mitigate the growth of SOBs in the Corridor. This task force addresses not only businesses operating with an SOB license but any businesses that are considered to have a negative effect such as massage parlors, saunas, bath houses and night clubs.

SCBA is currently actively seeking committee members for the SOB Task Force who are interested in joining this initiative to help keep the Corridor secure, attractive, and accessible for businesses.

For a full report on Sexually Oriented Business data, click here.

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