The Association had its beginning in late 1981 when a group of approximately 18 business owners and representatives met for the purpose of organizing a group to develop ideas and plans for improving and beautifying the local neighborhood.

Dick Hollingsworth pledged $1,000 from Trammell Crow and John Stemmons, Sr. and area hotels pledged a like amount. With those monetary commitments, the plan took off and was knows as the Neighborhood Improvement Group. Mr. Stemmons suggested a committee be appointed to study the area and report to the next meeting appropriate goals for the group to work toward. Bob Burns was elected chairman of the group.

From this group, the Market Center Business and Professional Association was formed on December 13, 1982. Some of the goals outlined by this early group still provide impetus and direction for the Stemmons Corridor Business Association.

A charter and bylaws were drawn up for the Association and officers were elected. The boundaries included the streets that surrounded the Trinity Industrial District plus the Medical Center along Harry Hines to Inwood.

Among the priorities of this early group was a master plan of improving such streets as Throckmorton extension, Industrial Boulevard and Wycliff Avenue underpasses, Oak Lawn Park, improving storm drainage, parking under Stemmons Freeway, the Hines-Industrial intersection, the Wycliff-Tollway intersection, the Tollway-Stemmons interchange, acquisition of surplus railroad right-of-way, legislation that would allow for the private acquisition of freeway air rights, Wycliff Avenue repaving, new driveway entrance into Anatole complex and decorative lighting on freeway bridges. Other priorities were landscaping at Oak Lawn Park, the extension of Turtle Creek and landscaping under Stemmons Freeway.

At the annual meeting on May 16, 1984, the name of the Association was changed from the Market Center Business and Professional Association to Market Center Association and the bylaws were amended to reflect the change.

During a Board of Directors meeting November 11, 1986, the boundaries were revised to include all of Brookhollow, the Carpenter Freeway, and a larger portion of Stemmons Freeway.

When the boundary was revised to include more of the Stemmons corridor area, it was felt by some members that the name of the Association did not adequately describe the scope of business interest. Therefore, at its quarterly meeting on January 26, 1987, the name of the association was changed to the Stemmons Corridor Business Association (SCBA).