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Garrett Moss

Board Member

Moss Utilities



Garrett Moss is the President of Moss Utilities and Moss Heating & Cooling in Dallas, TX. He earned his degree in Economics from the University of Texas.

Moss is the 5th generation of his family in underground utilities. After getting his start in the construction industry in 2013,  Garrett always wanted to be an entrepreneur and started Moss Utilities in 2016. He enjoys several aspects of his job, but his favorite is watching the people around him grow and develop into better leaders and people. 

Garrett thinks that the big advantage Moss has over the competition is how they put people first. “We enjoy what we do, we know who we are, and we know that we are constantly improving each and every day,” he says.

In 2021, Garrett started a new venture called Moss Heating & Cooling with partners Graye & Kelly Roberts. With plenty of growth and success, the combined Moss Companies employ around 400 people and are continuing to grow. 

Garrett is married with four kids, residing in Frisco, TX. Moss is a big sports fan, his favorite teams are the San Francisco 49ers and Texas Longhorns. He likes to spend his free time hanging out with his family.

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