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Pam Dawson

Board Member

Dallas Design District



Pam joined Dunhill Partners in 2001, taking a lead role at Lincoln Square, the company's prized lifestyle property in Arlington, TX. After 14 years of on-site management and assisting with record sales and tremendous market growth, the project sold and she took a new lead role with the company's Dallas Design District portfolio of assets.

While managing 100 designer showrooms, restaurants, and offices right in the heart of the Design District, she represents Dunhill as the face of the project. Pam's role connects and networks with all aspects of managing, leasing, leveraging, and developing of assets as she brings her many years of past hands-on experiences to the table.

During times of rapid market growth and constant change, Pam has quick spot-on solutions to challenges with a forward-thinking vision. When times get tough, Pam just gets tougher. She is direct and focused while bringing a unique hands-on approach to situations.

Her tenants enjoy open communication and quick problem resolution, vendors enjoy trust and reliability, and the team as a whole shares vision and a clear understanding of their roles. Pam believes in the value and responsibility of quality stewardship toward the community at large.

To further deepen her role in representing her tenants, Pam voluntarily joins key Boards and committees to collectively create a better quality of life. Her true passion and gift is developing marketing opportunities and strategies that increase customer base.

On a personal note, Pam keeps very busy with the joys of her life; Denver, Trenton, and Albany, all now in college, and a 26-year marriage to her high school sweetheart, Tom Dawson.

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